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Conor Mulroy is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose style covers a wide range of musical influences. He owns his own record label, through which he has published and released 7 records in genres that include bluegrass, classical, metal, jazz, and singer/songwriter. He has a master’s degree in music composition, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in music composition at the University of Northern Colorado. Throughout his career he has worked with other labels and media companies to promote his music and has toured throughout the United States with other artists as well as a solo act. In addition to performing he has also spent a lot of time writing music that ranges from pieces for solo instruments to music arranged for symphony orchestras.

/New CD's

Band: Loaf

Album: Slices from Acadia

Slices from Acadia was recorded live at Acadia Recording Studios by Loaf, an experimental band that plays strictly improvised music. Made up of Conor Mulroy on guitar and mandolin, Scotty Vercoe on keyboards, and Josh "Slopey" Hurd on bass, Loaf was joined by Chris Dow on drums for this recording. The resulting 5 track album consists of 50 minutes of material culled from an afternoon of improvisations. We hope you will enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed the process of putting it together. So dive in and smell the Loaf!

  1. Pump Yo Nickels
  2. Smell the Loaf
  3. The Improvisationalists
  4. Don't Drink and Dub
  5. The Dough Also Rises


Mystic River

Mystic River is the album created by Conor Mulroy, writing specifically for himself on guitar, Natalie Padilla on fiddle, Tristan Clarridge on cello, and Simon Chrisman on hammered dulcimer. When the compositions were sketched out he and Natalie spent 4 months arranging the material. After sending the music to Tristan and Simon, the two drove to Colorado from Washington, with their parts worked out. This led to a short lived studio session where all the musicians collaborated and shaped the music together to create an exciting live record of new acoustic music.

conor mulroy
  1. The Inishmere Set
  2. Sawmill's Bluff Part I
  3. Sawmill's Bluff Part II
  4. Sawmill's Bluff Part III
  5. Thacher's Island Part I
  6. Thacher's Island Part II
  7. Thacher's Island Part III
  8. Temple Basin
  9. Mystic River Suite Part I
  10. Mystic River Suite Part II
  11. Mystic River Suite Part III
  12. Mystic River Suite Part IV
  13. Mystic River Suite Part V
  14. Too Hard for to Fly


Release Date: 2017 Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Release Date: 2017 Genre: Singer/Songwriter

  1. So Long Kayley
  2. My Sentence Sent Me off to Sea
  3. Time Left Behind
  4. Medieval Suite, Pt. 1
  5. Cat's Song
  6. I Won't Know the Difference Anyhow
  7. Medieval Suite, Pt. 2
  8. A Postcard from Finnegans Lane
  9. All the People Lost and Gone
  10. Medieval Suite, Pt.3

Release Date: 2017
Genre: Singer/Songwriter


Release Date: 2016 Genre: Bluegrass

  1. The Stranded Aviator Movement 1
  2. The Stranded Aviator Movement 2
  3. The Stranded Aviator Movement 3
  4. Old Speck
  5. Weighted Up
  6. Broken River

Release Date: 2016
Genre: Bluegrass


Release Date: 2015 Genre: Singer/Songwriter

  1. Old Country Road
  2. In Winter's Wind
  3. The Distant Tower
  4. Brown's Island
  5. Norwegian Eyes
  6. End of the Line
  7. Struttin' to Some Granola
  8. The Last Circus Act

Release Date: 2015
Genre: Singer/Songwriter


Release Date: 2014 Genre: Bluegrass

  1. 5 Tone Reel
  2. Tenant's Harbor
  3. Taylor's Ridge
  4. Foxfire Movement 1, Pt. 1
  5. Foxfire Movement 1, Pt. 2
  6. Foxfire Movement 1, Pt. 3
  7. Foxfire Movement 1, Pt. 4
  8. Foxfire Movement 1, Pt. 5
  9. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 1
  10. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 2
  11. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 3
  12. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 4
  13. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 5
  14. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 6
  15. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 7
  16. Foxfire Movement 2, Pt. 8

Release Date: 2014
Genre: Bluegrass


Release Date: 2011 Genre: Singer Songwriter

  1. The Forgotten Race
  2. Back, But At What Cost
  3. Back Into Grey
  4. The Troubled Gates
  5. The Undwinding Path
  6. Through the Sea
  7. The Unseen View
  8. Skies of Green
  9. Song Based On William Carpenter Painting
  10. Weighted Up
  11. The Sand Beneath the Wind
  12. Blackburn's Tale
  13. The Forgotten Reace (Demo)
  14. Through the Sea (Demo)

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Singer Songwriter


Release Date: 2010 Genre: Metal Tracks

  1. Prelude to the Glass Ocean
  2. Metal Thirst I
  3. Metal Thirst II
  4. Metal Thirst III
  5. Metal Thirst IV
  6. Metal Thirst V
  7. Metal Thirst VI
  8. Metal Thirst VII
  9. Metal Thirst VIII
  10. Metal Thirst IX
  11. Metal Thirst X
  12. The Glass Ocean

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Metal Tracks


Release Date: 2010 Genre: Bluegrass

  1. Salinger Movement 1
  2. Salinger Movement 2
  3. Salinger Movement 3
  4. Sleeping Indian Part 1
  5. Sleeping Indian Part 2
  6. The Conductor's Dispatch

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Bluegrass

/Works and Scores


The Stranded Aviator

(2016) - 30:00
For banjo, hammered dulcimer, violin, cello, tenor guitar, steel string guitar,and bodhran. Published by Melmac Records

The Last Circus Act

(2015) - 24:00
For vocals (tenor and soprano), guitars, banjo, mandolin, dobro, electric bass, piano, keyboards, and percussion. Published by Melmac Records

The Czar's Reign

(2014) - 18:00
For chamber orchestra.


(2013) - 40:00
For mandolin, marimba, violin, steel string guitar, and double bass. Published by Melmac Records

The Unwinding Path

(2012) - 45:00
For vocals (tenor and soprano), guitars, mandolin, banjo, piano, organ, clarinet, alto saxophone, double bass, drum set, and percussion. Published by Melmac Records

The Fringe Suite

(2012) - 25:35
For soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone, electric mandolin, electric guitar, piano, double bass, and drum set.

The Absent Silence

(2010) - 14:00
For Electic Guitar.

The Glass Ocean

(2010) - 57:00
For 10 electric guitars, steel string guitars, nylon string guitars, electric bass, drum set, vibraphone, and percussion. Published by Melmac Records.

The Sleeping Indian

(2008) - 20:00
For nylon string guitar. Published by Melmac Records


(2008) - 28:00
For mandolin, violin, steel string guitar, and double bass. Published by Melmac Records



The disc The Glass Ocean blew me away so I’m going out on a limb here because I think its that good! Accompanied by bassist Jordan Alegant and drummer Ches Smith, Conor Mulroy created this near 57 minute instrumental composition – The Glass Ocean. Like an ocean, this one continuous piece ebbs and flows melding introspective folk-like acoustic parts with searing electric passages that take on a metallic energy. As I listen I’m reminded of a variety of sources of musical inspiration: Mike Oldfield, John Fahey, Gordian Knot, The Punch Brothers, and even Philip Glass. While this is not Mulroy’s first release its clear that he is a talent to be watched. I think you will find this mesmerizing. Highly recommended.

– Ken Golden, The Laser’s Edge –

On Salinger the playing is spotless; lead by Mulroy on mandolin, nylon-string guitar, and piano, guitarist John McGann (so impressive as one of the Wayfaring Strangers), Crooked Still’s double bassist Corey DiMario, and Grand National Fiddle Champion Tristan Clarridge. They play well as an ensemble, and ensemble is what this is all about. There’s little in the way of solos or improvising here, the unaccompanied elements more like thoughtful cadenzas in nature rather than lengthy flights of fancy. Repeated listening reveals plenty of musical substance.

– DR, Bluegrass Unlimited –

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